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In the second season, an evil ghost from ancient Egypt threatens Nina saying that she will die if she doesn't find the Mask of Anubis. With the help of Sibuna, Nina finds a chain of tunnels containing deadly tasks that they must go through in order to find the mask. Meanwhile, Victor is after that mask so that he could obtain the tears of gold, the missing ingredient in the elixir of life. Jerome wants to find his father, who tells him that in order to reverse his bad luck, Jerome must find the Frobisher gem and put it into the Frobisher shield. A new boy Eddie ( Burkely Duffield ) becomes rivals with Patricia, even though they are just hiding the fact that they are attracted to each other.

Anubis (28) - SibunaAnubis (28) - SibunaAnubis (28) - SibunaAnubis (28) - Sibuna