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First, let's start with The Kitchn's own managing editor Faith. She wrote about her wedding for A Practical Wedding back in 2009 . Even though Faith and her husband hired an affordable caterer to help them create a delicious fall menu, Faith baked and served her wedding cake to her guests, as the newlyweds' first act of hospitality and also as their de-facto receiving line (this idea still makes me tear up, two years later). If you're interested in trying this out, here is another couple's advice about how to make a wedding cake .

Dakota Droopy & the Lost Dutch Boy Mine
6:50 Minutes | September 15, 1990
Droopy and son, Dripple, head to the "Lost Dutch Boy Mine" while hotly pursued by Claim jumper McWolf. McWolf spends the entire run trying to steal the obscenely large gold nugget. The Enterprise from Star Trek makes a cameo when McWolf's electromagnet pulls the ship from space. In the end, the nugget was a fake egg for a monster used to scare away McWolf. Written by Jim Ryan
Characters: Droopy, Dripple, McWolf
Season 1 Ep 1

Cal Stewart - Ground Hog Day At Pumpkin Center