Bobbejaan schoepen* bobbejaan - de lichtjes van de schelde - Ich steh an der Bar und habe kein Geld - BOBBEJAAN.

In a series of 8 mine stories in the region of Limburg, director Stijn Coninx has filmed Steven in his hometown Heusden-Zolder about his childhood impressions. You can see the Short Story here . For more info on this project go to /mijnverhaal .

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In 1957 Bobbejaan Schoepen represented Belgium at the second Eurovision Song Contest with the song Straatdeuntje (Street Tune). The performance is memorable in featuring a whistling solo. Schoepen is rumoured not to have known which song he was to perform at the Contest until he arrived, only rehearsing his entry a few days before performance. Belgium ended up tying for eighth place with the Swiss entry (out of ten entries). He had more luck with the international hits Ik heb eerbied voor jouw grijze haren/Ich hab Ehrfurcht vor Schneeweißen Haaren (I honour your grey hair), the parody Café zonder bier/Ich steh an der Bar und ich habe kein Geld - covers of the song A pub with No Beer by Slim Dusty, and the chanson Je me suis souvent demandé (I was often asked). He performed another hit song, Kili watch (a cover of The Cousins), in the German film Davon träumen alle Mädchen (1961, Thomas Engel). Between 1950 (Ah! 't Is zo fijn in België te leven, Jacques Loar, . de Meyst) and 1967 (Bobbejaanland, Vladimir Sis) he appeared in five film musicals in both Belgium and Germany. The absurdist comedy De Ordonnans/At the Drop of a Head (1962, Charles Frank) became a cult phenomenon, when the band Dead Man Ray made a tour with the film in the 1990’s. From the 1970’s on Schoepen focussed entirely on Bobbejaanland, which he had founded in 1961. The park, which was managed by Schoepen and his family, expanded to one of the most popular amusement parks in the Benelux. When Bobbejaan was diagnosed with cancer in 1999 (he would later recover from this illness) he decided to sell the park. Since the sale in 2004 he focussed again on his musical career. In 2008 he released his newest album, Bobbejaan. It got favorable reviews and a lot of media attention in Belgium. Bobbejaan Schoepen is married to Dutch former opera singer and photo model Josephina (Josée) Jongen. They have five children Robert ("Bob jr.", 1962), Myriam (1963), Jacky (1964), Peggy (1968) and Tom (1970). In 2007 he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award (ZAMU Award) in the Ancienne Belgique for his pioneering role in the Belgian music history. In 2008 the International Whistlers Convention gave him as the first European a place in the Whistlers Hall of Fame. This year he was made Officier in de Kroonorde (Officer of the Crown Order), by the Flemish government. Schoepen is a true professional who was able to turn his jazzy country-guitar playing, his deep, angelic voice and his wacky sense of humor into a trademark. Between 1948 and 1970 he sold more than five million copies from his repertoire of nearly 600 songs.

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из Википедии (он бельгиец, акцент слышится явно):

Bobbejaan (auch Bobby Jaan oder Bobbejaan Schoepen), bürgerlich Modest Hyppoliet Joanna Schoepen (* 16. Mai 1925 in Boom, Belgien; † 17. Mai 2010 in Turnhout[1]) war ein belgischer Sänger und Entertainer und einer der ersten europäischen Vertreter der Country-Musik. Er war der Gründer des belgischen Freizeitparks Bobbejaanland. Bobbejaan erhielt im Laufe seiner Karriere 25 Mal die Goldene Schallplatte.

Bobbejaan Schoepen* Bobbejaan - De Lichtjes Van De ScheldeBobbejaan Schoepen* Bobbejaan - De Lichtjes Van De ScheldeBobbejaan Schoepen* Bobbejaan - De Lichtjes Van De ScheldeBobbejaan Schoepen* Bobbejaan - De Lichtjes Van De Schelde