Trance induction - context control ep - Instant Trance - Post Hypnotic Re-Induction Cues

This audio program is based upon a series of seminars presented to Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial groups, Young President’s Organization and professional athletic teams.

I’ve been a practicing Hypno-Domme for many years and have an unique and original femdom hypnosis and erotic hypnosis style. It’s powerful, intense and mesmerizing. I utilize various hypnosis and subliminal audio techniques including mental domination, back masking, multi tracks and deep implantation of erotic and reactive thought. A session of mine will leave you breathless and begging for more. I run the gamut on areas of hypnosis interest from the simple to the complicated from the hard to find fetish to the very popular fetish. Take a peek around, there is sure to be something that speaks directly to you that you will have to have. Femdom Hypnosis has a way of getting under your skin. I also create custom recordings and  personalized affirmation hypnosis sessions for those who need something turned up a notch or if you have a fetish that is very specific and you need it exactly a certain way. I can make that happen for you. I specialize in erotic femdom hypnosis recordings that will blow your mind. It’s just what I do. Distance training, cash point meets , chastity key holding and phone and text sessions are all offered.

The pre-induction talk is a very important step to your success, especially if you're working with a subject you don't know very well.  (Subjects you aren't familiar with can be easier, since they're more likely to see you as The Hypnotist than as their friend, sibling or neighbor, but you take on the disadvantage of not knowing how they think.)  

Topics you should cover with your subject:

What they know about hypnosis - this is their starting image, and what they will be expecting.  Again, since the power of suggestion is key, the subject's expectations will shape how they respond to your hypnosis techniques.

What experience they have - experience also shapes expectations, but more importantly this might alert you to landmines (maybe someone failed to hypnotize them before?) or to useful methods. (If they were successfully hypnotized before, you can often put them back under by piggy-backing on this memory of trance.)

How the induction will go - this is where you create expectations of your own design for how the hypnosis session will progress. Basically, describe what I'm about to tell you will happen as what will happen, using direct language. Don't say what 'maybe' or 'might' occur; state what you want to happen as if it's a sure thing. Just don't be too over the top.

Trance Induction - Context Control EPTrance Induction - Context Control EPTrance Induction - Context Control EPTrance Induction - Context Control EP