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We are off to a family wedding down south this week. The car is weighed down with six decades of Uncle Artie’s diaries – also heading for Cambridge.   It’s a solid hard backed book for each year and written in a microscopic script

Founding David Brown Automotive and building our debut model, Speedback GT, was a natural step to combine my engineering and manufacturing background with my love of cars. Our vehicles encapsulate all that I hold dear to me in terms of style, quality and performance. I believe that my passion is reflected in every aspect of our cars’ design and build. If you share these principles, and appreciate British engineering and craftsmanship at its very best, then I hope that you will enjoy David Brown Automotive’s model range as much as I have enjoyed their creation. I am proud of what our highly-skilled team has achieves and I feel privileged to put my name to it.

In what is sometimes referred to as Hume's problem of induction , he argued that inductive reasoning and belief in causality cannot ultimately be justified rationally; our trust in causality and induction instead results from custom and mental habit and are attributable to only the experience of " constant conjunction " rather than logic : for we can never, in experience, perceive that one event causes another, but only that the two are always conjoined, and to draw any inductive causal inferences from past experience first requires the presupposition that the future will be like the past, a presupposition which cannot be grounded in prior experience without already being presupposed. [5] Hume's anti-teleological opposition to the argument for God's existence from design is generally regarded as the most intellectually significant such attempt to rebut the teleological argument prior to Darwin .

David Brown - BelieveDavid Brown - BelieveDavid Brown - BelieveDavid Brown - Believe