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As with other recent GTA in-game radio networks, songs, DJ comments and other material are randomly sequenced, and may occasionally incorporate references to in-game events. While the DJs do not reference changing weather patterns (a feature not seen since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ), some DJs will reference the time of day (saying "Good morning" or "Good evening" when applicable, for example).

The title of the album, Tha Blue Carpet Treatment is a reference to the red carpet traditionally present at formal events. The blue color refers to Snoop Dogg's affiliation with the gang of crips , who often wear blue (as opposed to the primary color, red, of their rival gang, the bloods ). [ citation needed ] The album cover underwent several revisions. In August 2006, the first concept art was revealed on Snoop Dogg's website. It features a cartoon dog (representing Snoop Dogg) displaying Crip gang signals , while standing on a blue carpet patterned-like bandana . The design has been used, which would have been the third of Snoop Dogg's album covers to use the cartoon for likeness of the rapper that was designed by his cousin Darryl Daniel. The updated version of his cover artwork was shown on the Late Show with David Lettermans 13th Anniversary Special on August 30, 2006, and that cover artwork features a parody of the famous Hollywood Sign , that reads "LONG BEACH". It has changed to its current version. Geffen posted this as the final cover for the album on their website. [2]